Tuesday, April 14, 2020

Reproduction PowerPoint (Michelle Mardis)

This PowerPoint made me very interested in how people attract to each other and what gives an individual motivation to pursue a mate. While looking at the mate attractiveness value inventory, it was good to see that there were more sections on the list than simply looks. From having a good sense of humor to the desire for children, this list is a good indicator of what someone may look for in a partner.

 It is interesting to find out the reason that people want to be with a partner that is "good-looking". The Good Gene Hypothesis explains how if two people are attractive, their baby has a higher chance of having good health along with other positive traits. Looking through the research on attractiveness, it is important to note that attractiveness has to do with the symmetry of a person's features. When the PowerPoint says that beauty is known worldwide, symmetry is discussed under the "average face" section of the Beautycheck website linked on slide eleven.

I do disagree with the fact that beauty is universally the same. This is because different cultures find certain looks attractive and others not. For example, there is a culture that I had learned about in high school where they would tattoo their entire face as a coming of age tradition, This was considered beautiful in their society. In our society, facial tattoos are considered to be unacceptable among certain generations.

The other topic that I found interesting was the idea of jealousy. I had heard the fact of males being upset about sexual infidelity and females being upset about emotional infidelity in my Cross-Cultural Psychology course. I feel that the reason for this is because females tend to have a stronger emotional bond compared to males and males tend to be more dominant in society. This is not the case for every relationship but tends to be the case overall.

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