Monday, April 13, 2020

Drugs Powerpoint Response

After viewing the drug power point slide I found it very interesting to learn about in specific parts like the caffeine, alcohol and cannabis sections. I am someone who needs coffee every morning to get me started on my day because I just do not feel alive until I have my coffee and even other caffeine's like soda. I do not drink soda that often but, I know that I crave soda a lot when I haven't had any caffeine in the day. Also, I wouldn't say that I am a big alcoholic considering the only things that I drink for alcohol are wine coolers but, recently since the coronavirus I have been drinking alcohol at 9 in the morning. The only thing that I have tried and that I have not been addicted to like the rest of the young aged kids is cannabis. I have tried it and I never liked it and I do not think I ever will like it.

For cannabis, in the powerpoint it states that it gives people a sense of euphoria, being relaxed, and drowsy feelings. Someone like me who has extreme anxiety decided to try cannabis because it is also supposed to help with anxiety but, it did the exact opposite. I did not like the feeling of not feeling like I was in my own body and I refuse to try it ever again. Alcohol on the other hand makes me feel lighter and I forget about my anxiety when I drink and feel a little happy, that sense of euphoria. Lastly, caffeine is something I do crave. In the powerpoint it explains that craving is an uncontrollable urge to have something and that is how I feel about caffeine, especially coffee. I like the feeling of getting that burst of energy from coffee. Overall, I really enjoyed looking over this powerpoint and learning more about why people have these addictions to certain types of drugs and why the drugs do what they do to people.

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