Friday, April 24, 2020


I always found it interesting how varied people's tastes are in partners and what they find attractive and unattractive. I almost never agree with my friends on people who they find good looking, nor do they often agree with my taste. In reading this lecture I almost found men's responses more shallow than women's -- while women look for many different things in a man that would be ideal to raise a family with, men mostly seem to only care about how a woman looks. And rather than wanting to settle down and raise a family, they want to have as many offspring as possible. I just found the varied degree of responses interesting, especially between what they considered to be worse when it came to cheating-- emotional or sexual. The fact that women cared more about the emotional aspect of it, and men sexual, I just found to be interesting. It really shows the differences between the two sexes and how they feel about certain things and view partnership and commitment.

Another thing that I found intriguing was how attractiveness in a woman correlates with how fertile she probably is, and how this all connects to wanting offspring or raising a family. Now what came to my mind is-- what about homosexuals? I just wonder where they fall, since they obviously can't naturally have biological children with each other. What does a homosexual man look for in another man? What about homosexual women? People have widely varying tastes that are all over the place regardless of their sexuality, and I wonder if it all really falls under such a neat bow of healthy offspring and reproduction.

For example, there might be a girl that one guy finds attractive, yet another guy might not. Is she only fertile to that one man, and not the other? Or would they just not make good offspring, according to the one who does not find her physically appealing? This is just some of the things that popped in my head. I found this topic and lecture very interesting to read about and left me curious about many different things.

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