Sunday, April 26, 2020


I found the lecture/slides on drugs to be really interesting. I liked how the slides focused on certain drugs that all fit into the same category, "psychoactive drugs". I've heard of all of these drugs to some degree. Some I knew a good amount about like caffeine, alcohol, nicotine and cannabis but others like amphetamines, cocaine and opiates I only knew a little. I think it's interesting how they are all in the same category, I would never have thought caffeine and amphetamines are related. After the slides it makes more sense. I actually never really thought of caffeine as a drug. It makes sense though. I am very dependent on coffee, now I normally only drink two sometimes three a day but at one point it was very normal for me to drink 4 coffee drinks a day. I realized at one point that was really bad for me and when I tried to drink less I would get terrible headaches. Now this all makes sense as to why.

Something else I found really interesting was naltrexone. I had no idea until this lecture there was a drug made to reduce the cravings addicts have for drugs. It makes me wonder why there isn't a lot of alcoholics and other people with different addictions using naltrexone. I want to know more about it, it's just really interesting to me. I also wonder if there are bad side effects to naltrexone and if people can become addicted to that as well considering it as also a drug. 

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