Saturday, April 11, 2020

Incentives Lecture - Rafaiel Maguirang

The procrastination topic in the Incentive lecture was very interesting to me. I greatly procrastinate and am usually very unmotivated. Procrastination goes hand in hand with motivation and overall quality of mental health and status. I suffer from great mood swings and am just a pessimistic and depressive person in general. When there are moments when success seems so unreachable especially with the current situation of the world and economy, it ends up making me give up and uncaring of results. It is still something I battle everyday.

I seem to practice extrinsive motivation than just self motivation. I believe it is harder to find any motivation driven by self rather than outside factors if one cannot see their purpose or the purpose of it. An example could be regularly waking up early and sleeping early, exercising and eating healthy. Some things that sound so simple can be very difficult if the mind is not on the same page as one’s overall soul is.

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