Monday, April 6, 2020

Drug Slides

Opioid addiction affects people of all backgrounds from many places around the world. The common nature of heroin addiction is very prevalent especially in New Jersey and Pennsylvania. It is hard to find someone who has not been personally touched by addiction. The stigma around addiction, in my opinion, contributes to why people end up alone and never seeking help. I think people need to educate themselves more on addiction to gain some more compassion. It’s important to realize more people are susceptible to drug addiction down to their genes. It’s interesting to see how drugs were tied into this course through impulsivity, reinforcement, and incentive value.

I was surprised to hear the one man in the clip say he has been using for 34 years. He explains that even though he knew he was losing everything, he still chose heroin every time. This shows the power and true physiological takeover these drugs have over a person’s body. It’s sad that some of them realize they have nothing and know that this drug takes everything away from them. For the first man shown to admit he wishes he had a normal routine and career is a big step, but unfortunately in the relationship he is in, it seems unlikely he will get out of his cycle.

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