Saturday, April 11, 2020

Reproductive Lecture - Rafaiel Maguirang

I found it interesting how attractiveness is actually human beings’ measure of healthiness. As some others on the blog have pointed out, men do show their interest in women much more confidently than women do. In my Greek class we are currently learning about roles and responsibilities expected in women in Athens greatly shows how even if they were human beings they were classified below men. For example, if a woman cheated with another man, their husband would assume that the other man intoxicated her thoughts to cheat, disregarding the possibility of the woman to have chosen that path. I feel that maybe due to the history of women always being considered second, they subconsciously “usually” do not act as forward than males.

I think the reason that women are attracted to status and stability whereas men usually only look for looks is that throughout history women are always below men and in a lot of cases would not amount to anything unless they married well. Subconsciously that is still happening today. Women like stability because throughout history that’s how they grew and evolved so unlike men.

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  1. I also found the topic on this PowerPoint interesting because of how it relates to our society and what is considered attractive. It was cool that you took an example from your Greek class because it shows that this kind of topic can be seen in many different contexts.