Tuesday, April 21, 2020

Reproduction Lecture

This lecture is something I have learned many times. Most of the slides I felt as if I heard before, besides a few. I found it interesting that that woman select mates to increase chances of survival. I did not know what woman select their mates due to this reason, but it does make sense. You would not want to select a mate who would decrease your chances of survival. It was also interesting that woman pick men who are financially doing well. That is something also makes sense if their goal is start a family with that person. You definitely need to be financially stable in order to have a child, otherwise you could face many problems. Something I knew was that men prefer mates who have good lucks, but I did not know it could be because of wanting to have children. That also makes sense because everyone wants to have good looking children. Mate poaching is something I also knew about but did not know it had a specific name. Mate poaching is something I find wrong and I believe can cause more problems then benefits. For the most part though, these slides refreshed my memory on this topic. It always interesting to learn about reproduction because it is a very important aspect of our lives. 

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