Wednesday, April 29, 2020

Reproduction Lecture - Gracie Meyer

The lecture on reproduction was extremely informative and surprising to me. I learned many new, interesting things while reading through this particular lecture. I found it funny to read about selecting a mate is closely related to how a peacock finds their mate by spreading their tail feathers and “looking pretty”. The first thing I found interesting was the Mate Value. Based on the traits from the Mate Value Inventory, a person rates themselves on their overall attractiveness to another person. It was interesting to find out that more people are attracted to a mate primarily based on their physical appearance. The good gene hypothesis was another theory I found very captivating. This theory suggests that if a person has good genes for intelligence, a good immune system, healthy babies, and good parenting, then they are a suitable mate. Overall, the balance between physical and personality traits are basically what a person is searching for in a mate.

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  1. I also found the comparison between us and peacocks to be amusing as well. Something else I found quite interesting about this lecture/topic was the gender differences in men and women, and their ideal mates are often different (as in they are searching for different things-- with men being more concerned with looks, while women are looking for financial stability, etc.).