Friday, June 10, 2011

Test your Temperament

Chapter nine in the book refers to temperament as being the consistent individual differences in emotionality and also the result of genetically inherited characteristics. Not to mention, temperament is a fixed part of you that is not shaped by experience but built in biologically. This forced part of our personality is dependant on adequate and continuous supply of oxygen, and glucose to the brain to metabolize. By the age of three the developing brain will be mentally set to orient to it’s experiences in life as dominantly a Guardian, Artisan, Idealist, or Rationals. Guardians are observant and cooperative being mostly administrators, and conservators. Artisans are observant and pragmatic, seen as operators and entertainers. Idealists are mostly concerned with themselves but introspective and cooperative. Rationals seek mastery and self control, really great strategizes.

How do you orient? Take the test -


  1. That was a neat link you added, I took the test but I got undetermined I guess cause my numbers were pretty much the same for each category. However, I appreciate the search you did to find that!

  2. That was a great post, I actually took the test just now and it told me that I was an Artisan. I was a little shocked at that but I guess if I sit back and think about it, then yeah I guess I am more along that level of temperament. I was a little interested to see that our temperaments are not shaped through experience but we are biologically fixed with our temperaments. That was definitely a different kind of test that I would have never thought to take. Did you take the test yourself? If so, then what kind of temperament do you have?

  3. I got a mix of traditionalist and idealist.