Sunday, June 12, 2011

Final Post

This summer was the first time I have taken an online class. I definitely did not expect to learn as much as I have. Although I do like attending class better because you have more of a connection with the students and professor, I would probably take another online psyc class.
I have learned a lot about motivation which surprised me because I didn't really believe that motivation can be something that is taught to others, but I was wrong. This class has taught me a lot about myself and what motivates me as a person. It opened up my understanding about addictions and fighting addictive behaviors. It helped me to interact with other people outside of the class to gain their perspective on the topics which guided me to form my own opinions and ideas.
My motivation to do well in this class and get through it was the
nice vacation I will be taking to Italy. Dreaming about the food and beaches has been the only thing keeping me going.
As I said in my previous blog about my goals at work to make money. Now my sub goals have been to make enough money each week which will ultimately lead up to my final goal of having un sacco di soldi (or bags of money) to waste away in a place I enjoy. Rent can be put on hold for this month ; )
Not only did I enjoy what I have learned in this class, I also loved blogging. This was my first time ever blogging and I felt that it really helped a lot. I liked how I was able to put my own feelings and thoughts into what I was writing. It gave me a chance to put my own little twist to it.


  1. This was my first time really blogging too! I feel like I have a say in the world when people respond back lol!

  2. I have to say I definately have a similar goal and sub goal! mind on my moneyy! and yeah i really enjoyed blogging as well