Thursday, June 9, 2011

closing post

     This summer I took both Learning: Theory and Research and Motivation with Professor Berg. The formats for both of these classes were very similar yet topics varied. For both of the classes I enjoyed the website blogs. It was fascinating to see everyone’s input from their personal experiences, their opinions, their interpretations, and what they were capable of finding on the internet, photos and YouTube videos relating to our topics. I also enjoyed writing the posts, which I was able to express the following I just mentioned, but I was also capable of relating it to my personal life and make personal discoveries. I also enjoyed for both classes the setup of the lectures slides and the detail they went into. I personally learn very well visually and with this also being an online class I greatly appreciated all the examples and visual aids to better help me understand particular topics.  
     Motivation, a very specific psychology topic, it described what motivates us as humans. I found every topic so insightful and relatable to some degree. Chapters three and four were my favorite. Chapter three ‘human nature’ and selecting a mate I found very intriguing. I found the ‘inventory’ amusing. Every aspect of chapter three was useful. I loved learning about addictive behavior in chapter four. I at one point was even considering doing drug and alcohol counseling.  I was able to take a lot of what I learned in the lectures and in the posts and incorporate it into my daily life and thought process. I enjoyed it very much.
     Taking these two classes together; Theory and Research and Motivation I found very beneficial therefore if you took one I would recommend the other.

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  1. I too contemplate drug and alcohol counseling because it helps so much to at least have the knowledge of addictions and the understanding of how much it can affect a person, and the people around them.