Tuesday, June 7, 2011

The Drive of a Sex Addict

I watched some movie recently (never caught the title) where a guy spots this girl singing, and he follows her afterwards to ironically to a sex addict seminar. The girl was turned off by the thought of a guy coming into her own safety zone at this seminar and intruding her life. He was a good looking guy I did not know her problem, nor did I get to finish the movie.. but in the mean time I really never understood the concept of a sex addict.

Chapter eight explains in detail drives, needs, and awareness. It brings up a valuable question to the field of Motivation, being; do people differ in the psychological needs? Psychological needs refer to the deficits that exist in the material body and brain. It is also responsible for pushing an organism into action.

Hull’s Drive Theory highlights that those with a higher drive is a reflection of a more intense source of internal motivation. To measure drive, a correlation is taken between a validated questionnaire and the need score of the behavior. It then explained that when there is a high need or drive there is a good probability of the need to satisfy the behavior linked to the drive.

Roshcbeth Elwald explains sexual addicts as a permanent passenger on a rollercoaster of sexual behaviors; never to get off regardless of care of the negative consequences to self or others. Psychologically they become addicted to the neuro-chemical changes activities in the act. Correlating with Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs safety category, 60% sexual addicts come from a childhood of abuse, as well as chaotic, or neglected home. Emotions can be blunted and withdrawn, leaving the future addict starving for affection. This starvation could be the full reason behind the drive to seek out the lifestyle unconsciously and compulsively.


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  1. Sex addicts can be very interesting! People will go to any cost to get their "fix" and have had sex with thousands of people. I know girls that some would say have "daddy issues", I'd even go as far to say that for one in particular. Always needing to find someone new to have sex with. If she and her boyfriend got into an argument and went on a "break" she'd go have sex with someone else, often someone she just met. My friend has never been faithful in any relationship and finds herself invincible. She has even gone as far as finding herself a "sugar daddy" to get her bills paid and such. Needless to say she and I are no longer friends and I think she needs help, but you can't help people unless they want the help!