Tuesday, June 7, 2011


 I recently was intrigued by the section on temperament and how it can evolve a person's personality. Our temperament as humans are similar to that of animals. Both animals and humans are deemed by our temperament and determine whom we are described and identified as in a  behavioral aspect. Growing up i was always loooked at at the person or child or would lways follow my mom around and was tonever leave her side. I was considered to be th shy sibling whom really kept to myself. As I got older I grew out of that phase of my life an Iam looked more soas an extrovrt whichsomewhat dercribes my entire family. Growing up i wa looke at as an introverted child yet I would not so much shy away from others but chose not to be so much involved incertin activities. Looking back myself along with others woul not believe that Iwas that way as a kid. I believe obtaining many interactions with people in school (peers) and family that was looked as more outing i believe a part of me watd to become more like those individuals. I believ also that our environment plays a contributing factor in who we ar today from a prsonality stand point which encompasses the way we act the way we act.

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