Friday, June 10, 2011

Post3 - Money + Motivation = Good & Bad

Money is just not a motivation anymore. To some people, its a lifestyle. People will do anything for money. Society has people selling their body for money or even items. Recently in China, a boy as sold his kidney on the black market for an ipad2 ( To me, this is ridiculous. How does a boy know how to sell any body part to the "black market"? And also, this is a prime example of how money motivates people. He was giving $3,400.00 for his kidney. It does not matter what age the person is, money can, and will, motivate people in ways they would never have thought.

There are plenty of ways to show how money motivates people. From being that extreme as the Chinese boy, I can show you the other side of the spectrum. People like you and I. People who work for a living, by not selling their body or even body parts, selling drugs illegally, or doing anything illegal to gain money. When does society ever feel like working? Its rare to hear it from anyone. But then why do people work? Money. Money motivates people because it makes their life easier to live, and also, keeps them healthy. Without money, or any type of value, this world would be chaotic and less advance as it is today. Money will always get people motivated enough to work.


  1. I always thought that money was the biggest motivation to people. But to go as far as to a kid selling his kidney on the black market. That is just outrageous.

  2. Mathew you are definitely right. In a Crime Comparative class i'm taking I've seen that one of the main reasons why the USA has such a crime problem has to do with the motivation money has on people. It use to be that success in life (respect from community as well as making a decent salary) was important, but nowadays money and power seem to be what is most important to many people. Motivation in the wrong thing can definitely be a bad thing. It's sad to see that "Money is the Motive" which is a main feature in many hiphop songs is being taken seriously especially by such a young kid.

  3. I can't believe that boy sold his kidney! You are so right though, money has become the main motivation for so many people. It's amazing that a person will do just about anything for the right price regardless of their morals.