Tuesday, June 7, 2011


I found Chapter 7, Stress, Coping and Health, very interesting to read because I can easily relate it to my everyday life. In the book it discusses how everyone has stress and reacts in different ways. The text gives the example of college students feeling more stress at the end of the semester rather than at the beginning of the semester. Each student also feels a different degree of stress level as well. When hearing this example I kept thinking about my roommate from the previous school I attended. During the end of that semester my roommate had many papers to write. However, she procrastinated writing one of them until the day it was due.  That morning I woke up to her slamming her books around and sighing heavily. When I looked at her face she looked like she was going to burst into tears because she did not have enough time to accomplish the task. After she told me her dilemma she went right to work as I went to get something to eat with my friend. After the cafeteria, my friend and I briefly and quietly went back into the room to get books to go to the library. As we were in the room my friend’s phone started ringing, which caused my roommate to yell at us for making noise. The fact that she had procrastinated lead to her extreme amount of stress she had that day. Her way of coping with it was being upset and complaining. I also felt stressed at the end of that semester, but was able to cope with it by making checklists and running to alleviate the feeling of being overwhelmed. Looking back, I find it interesting how we were both in the same major and had the same amount of work towards the end, but I was much calmer about getting my work done than my roommate was. Below is a video different college students and how they each deal and cope with their stress.

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