Sunday, June 12, 2011

Final Post

           According to the text, motivation is to be moved into action, or decide on a change in action. We are all constantly motivated in one way or another. Although people are motivated by different things, we all have internal or environmental incentives that push or pull us toward the end state. Once we choose how to be motivated, the outcome or incentive that we work toward is the goal.  People cognitively evaluate the goal and formulate a plan in achieving that particular goal. A person pursues that goal until the goal has been achieved, the original goal has been displaced by another goal, or the goal has been abandoned.
                I really enjoyed learning about those sections above (motivation and goals) because I was easily able to relate it to my life outside of the course. When I first started taking this class I was asked to sing the National Anthem at a baseball game. While taking this class, I used the information I read and linked it to how I was preparing for the game. I was motivated to practice the song in order to achieve the end goal, which is to sing the song well at the game. The closer I come to reaching my goal, the stronger my motivation is to achieving it.  While rehearsing the song, I am constantly receiving feedback from my voice teacher and family members on how the song is progressing. My goal has not yet been reached, since I am singing it in a week.  Hopefully I will achieve the goal successfully. The book states, “A person may strive to achieve a goal because its accomplishment is associated with pride.” I find that to be true. Once I achieve singing well at the baseball game, I will feel a great sense of satisfaction.  After taking this course, I now have a better understanding of why I am motivated to do things in my everyday life.
         When discussing goals, I feel that Walt Disney is an excellent example, with all of his accomplishments. His ultimate goal was to take the art of animation to its highest level.  Along the way he achieved various subgoals, such as his amusement parks. Since he accomplished as much as he did, Walt must have felt pride in all his successes. He was constantly motivated to reach an end state, which is why Disney has become today. Attached is a clip of Walt Disney’s dream, or goals that he has accomplished. He is quoted, “The way to get started is to quit talking and begin doing.”

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