Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Final Project Post

I have learned so much throughout this motivation course. Some of the topics covered in this class were of more interest to me because I really wanted to learn about them. In general, this class was very interesting. We learned about motivation in depth, and the history and evolution behind it. Other topics covered consisted of addictions, homeostasis, behavior, stress and coping, (I thought this chapter was very interesting and helpful because I am always stressed). Other topics were, drives, personality, extrinsic and intrinsic motivation, goals, economics, emotions, and emotions as motives. The only topic I found to be somewhat boring was economics. Every other topic was intriguing and actually fun to learn about. As I was reading these chapters, I found ways in which they relate to people and to my own life. It was actually really cool.

My favorite part of this course was definitely chapter 1. Going into this class, I thought I knew all about motivation and what it entailed. In reality, I learned so much about motivation in only the first few pages of the chapter. It’s so crazy how in depth and conceptual one term can be. I actually thought that this class would be somewhat repetitive but, to my surprise, it was not. Reading about motives and incentives were my favorite part because of how much they each relate to everyday life. A motive is defined as: a person’s internal disposition to be concerned with and approach positive incentives and avoid negative incentives. An incentive is defined as: the anticipated reward or aversive event available in the environment. Everyone needs motivation in life. It gives them the drive that they need to complete tasks. Personally, motivation and the power of incentives have helped me achieve all my goals in life so far.

Motivation can help everyone in anything that they do. Motivation is a term that is used on a daily basis. Everyone can apply it to their life in one way or another. Motivation can be used for big things, or in the smallest aspects of ones life. Below is a commercial that Google recently released.