Sunday, June 12, 2011

Final Project

In the course Motivation we learned about all the biological, environmental, and psychological forces that push us to stay and become motivated throughout life. We learned that humans are predisposed to be motivated by some sources than others. For example, “does a person want an unchallenging minimum wage job immediately after high school graduation, or is he/she willing to wait for a better-paying and challenging work after college.” (24) Besides the biological, environmental, and psychological factors, we explored the brain and all their addictive behaviors. Such as alcohol, hallucinogens, and cannabis, all these addictive behaviors affect our health and our source of motivation. We also learned that the brain can be considered a source of motivation, which can help us fight and battle these behaviors. Finally, these ‘addictive behaviors’ affect the brain chemicals (neurotransmitters).

In this course we talked and explored many topics. The one that stuck out and caught my attention the most was when we talked about brain and addictive behaviors in chapter four. To me, growing up in a generation of drugs, sex, and alcohol it made me realize how dangerous all these ‘addictive behaviors’ really are. Before learning about them I didn’t really realize how addictive and dangerous they could be. Once learning about them it really made me open up my eyes and realize I wanted to be a leader not a follower and really stay away and above the influence.

I found a really interesting video, please watch!

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  1. I agree, this chapter really opened my eyes. I mean I've always been taught that drugs are bad and I've never done any but this really made me think about just how destructive they can actually be.