Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Final Post

The class of motivation was a great I learn a lot of interesting information. It covers important points about what motivates human beings and how different things around their life can affect their motivation like for example emotions. There are universal motives in our society, certain needs that most people want for example goal setting, self concept, sexual interactions, and social milieu. The course also touches on the subject of addictive behaviors which was very informative to learn about. We also talk about stress, coping and health which I can relate to motivation. The class was an overview of a lot of good information in the subject of motivation.

What I enjoy the most about the class of motivation was in general learning about what drives people to do certain things based in what their motivation is. I believe that evolutionary psychology was very interesting because it talks about universal motives and how the human being wants all of this. Selecting a mate for the male and women was a good subject as well because is very true women and men are very different in what they look for and that’s one of the reasons why we don’t get along most of the time. Chapter 14 Emotions and Motives was very interesting because the emotion sometimes dictates the behavior and sometimes people think and act with their emotion which could be wrong thing to do. Overall the class was great and I will recommend to anyone who wants to learn about motivation in psychology.

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