Friday, June 10, 2011

Post 3- Procrastination Should Be My FIRST Name..

In chapter 10, procrastination among students and people in general, really caught my attention. Procrastination is said to be: a delay in a course of action despite expecting to be worse off the next day. Growing up, I was one of the biggest procrastinators in my class. My mom would have to force me to do school work and ask my teachers to give me a fake due date, just so I would have my assignments in on time!! This is where the extrinsic motivation came in. My mom and dad always had to force me to do my work right when I got home from school, and not save it until 10pm that night. Even thought I knew it would be a hassle in the end, and that I would get into trouble, I still did it. I was "that kid" who would save the homework, the papers, and the final projects until the very last minute. Sometimes, even the morning of! It was I got older, the bad habit of procrastination began to wither away. I started to realize that in order to be successful in school and in the future, the procrastination had to stop. Now a days, I don't procrastinate as much. I have developed intrinsic motivation which helps me get my work done on time. There is so much less stress involved, now that I realize that I can prevent it by just working on all my tasks in advance!

Deckers, Lambert. Motivation: biological, psychological, & environmental/ Lambert Deckers. - 3rd ed.

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  1. ahh yes procrastination, hence why I am waiting until just now to post my final comment. I think that the long term payoff just never seems important enough until I'm in the moment of actually COMPLETING a task. For a while I convinced myself that I was just worked so much better under pressure, but i think I was just trying to justify my laziness, and for 21 years it definitely worked! but now that I'm faced with my senior year I'm realizing that those excuses will get me nothing but a sub-par performance in anything i am involved with now. As an adult we cannot afford to be as lackadaisical as we were as teens and grade school kids. Our responsibilities just won't allow it, for instance - our jobs hold more responsibility because for many of us they are our direct support for our survival and means of getting by (paying rent, buying food, tuition, school books, etc..), our course work holds more responsibility because it is a pre-requisite to the job offers we may or may not receive as a result of our academic performances. And our responsibility to ourselves is greater. We no longer answer to parents who outline a set of rules and boundaries for us, we are in charge of our own. If any of us wanted we could have anything at our disposal to distract us from our responsibilities and get us off course from creating a life of stability for ourselves. So we cannot afford to cut corners anymore! There should be a class on THAT!