Sunday, June 12, 2011


     I have learned a lot of information from this class which would be useful in my everyday life as well as interperating some reasoning behind each individual's behaviors may be caused from. Although this class was known as Motivational Psychology, I found it interesting to know what can come with a person needing to become self motivated in life. I also found it very intriguing that everyone in the class has shared some part of their personal lives when it came to each subject. I think being able to relate to real life situations makes it easier to understand the material that is given to us to learn throughout the class. 

      Goals and incentives are important factors that play a role in whether a person wants to push forward to want to achieve and do better for themselves. I know me personally my goal to succeed in life to is to become a criminal profiler. I have been going to schoolfor quite some time now and just knowing that I will finishing the first chapter of my life when it comes to getting a bachelors degree in a field in what I love is great incentive and motivator to go further. Accordin to the class lecture slides a goalcean be defined to be selected from our consciousness and it is something that we act on. Ou goals are a sourc of acheivement in which select and act on, want to pursue yet some some of us can tend to abandon our goals. So in order for us to complete and pursue other goals which we may wat to better ourselves in life we use incentives and motivation to pursue those goals.  The assocaition of aspiration can also factor into completing goals. The different levels of aspiration deters a persons desire to adhere to, for example like me pursuing for greatnes for completing my schooling. This can give an affect of postivity while the goals push away negative responses. The main focus of a goal is "Committment' to the goal.

      Overall, this class has been a great class that would help deter future behaviors and reasons for the factors that contribute to why we act or committ to things in our lives.  If we all strive for something we will all be rewarded. My favorite part  of the class was gtting to know everyone on a more personal level and taking a peak into other's interest, creative ways of lettin the class know how they can relate to the material by articls,music, and/or something that have read or heard before. Although it was a struggle for me to get used to I thought is was an intersting and insightful way of communicating.


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