Thursday, June 2, 2011

Motivation and Incentive

I just have to share this because I honestly would not have thought about this until after reading about motivation. Last night my daughter would not stop reading a book until she was finished the whole thing. This was not required for her homework. She only had to read ONE chapter then write about it, as is required every night for homework. She pushed herself last night. She was so MOTIVATED to finish because of theINCENTIVE. The incentive was she would have no homework for the rest of the week and all of next week. I had to stop her because it was getting past her bedtime and I felt so bad because I know what it feels like to be extra motivated to gain the prize in the end.

Thanks for letting me share;)

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  1. We're all probably similary motivated right now to make sure we have read all of the chapters which will be included on the mid-term; the incentive, of course, being to earn the highest grade possible. However, I am sure there are some who will not be similarly motivated to reach each chapter, but will instead elect to rely on the notes. Everyone wants the same reward (a good grade), but that will not be enough of an incentive to motivate everyone to read the chapters.