Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Arousal an Performance

Arousal and Performance

     The section of reading that really grabbed my attention was that of arousal and performance. The minute Istarted to read this section I started to remember watching a television show called, Strange Addictions, and they had a woman on the show that talked about how much she had a passion for wrkin out and becoming a body builder. The need for anyone to work and improve their body seems to b something that is not looked at as out of the ordinary or strange. We often can look at this and view at as normal behavior,but unlike most people that strive to have long lasting consistent and non stoping work out sessions begins to be viewed as something is not right and is not normal behavior. In strange addictions this woman named Lauren had suffered from a long hisory of alcohol abuse that lasted for about 15 years. When she became clean and rehabilitated she found a passion in working out she felt that it gave her a sense and the need for energy and motivation.
    The need for her to continue to work out non stop on a day to day basis which consumes a lot of hours was Lauren's need for arousal and the performance of participating inworking out in the gym for various vigorous hours contributed to her need to peroform this task in order to achieve some gratifying results to obtain the body of a bodybuilder. Noticing the change in one's body like that of Lauren's had gave her some physiological arousal that corresponded and related to the need to feel energized by working out. Although many of her loved ones that noticed that she was focused mainly on body building became concerned with what changes that her body was experiencing internally.  I believe that this did not strike a concern with Lauren and was more striken at the fact of ot being able to go to the gym and if it were to be ever terminated from her normal activities that it would really affect.
    When trying to change our outlook for the bettr we tend to focus on just how it can be regarded as both a mixture of a sense of energy that empowers and embodies our behavior or it can also encompass our normal behavior in a negative way.  In this posting I have attache a link toallow the class to see and hear a little bit about of Lauren.

Lauren the body builder

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  1. I actually know of a few people that are in recovery and have been clean and sober for years who did the same thing as Lauren. Once they gave up the drugs and alcohol, it was almost as if there was a void in their life. The drugs WERE their life because they let it take over. When they got sober, they felt the need to have something else in their life that they were passionate about which in turn, would also help keep them sober. For one woman I know, she devoted herself to tennis, which she gave up when drugs and alcohol got the best of her. For another guy I know, he got a dog since he could now take care of himself. For some others, just carrying the word of a 12 step program was enough motivation to keep them going one day at a time.