Sunday, June 12, 2011

Drug of Choice... Final Project Post

Motivation class has been an eye opening and thought provoking class. I never really thought about "why" people do certain things, or what makes them motivated to respond to situations in certain ways. From emotions, to motivations of actions, to addictions, to arousal and more, this class makes me look at human behavior and personality in a new light.
If I had to pick a favorite topic from this class it would have to be "Addictions and Addictive Behaviors", especially the addiction to drugs. I think that drugs and other addictions are always relevant to life, there is a constant debate in our own society and government about regulations of drugs, laws prohibiting sale and consumption. It was interesting to learn the reasons behind why people become addicted to these drugs. The government recognizes the dangers of certain drugs and tries to make laws to prevent people from using them, but is doesn't seem to work. Even when alcohol was made illegal during prohibition, other more dangerous drugs including opium were still legal. Opium was made illegal in 1914 by passing Schedule II of the Controlled Substances Act. Even drugs that are legal in the US are debated due to health risks, cigarettes are the leading cause for cancer and some people feel they should be illegal, while others feel they have a right to consume whatever substances they wish. Both sides of the drug debate have valid points, and it is unlikely that the controversy will be solved anytime soon.
As much as some people advocate for legalization of drugs, even the ones that are legally available can ruin lives. The following link is to a clip from the show "Intervention" about a woman who is an alcoholic This woman's life is consumed by her addiction and is creating health problems and strains on family relationships. The next video is an advertisement promoting the legalization of marijuana;
Drugs are a part of life, from caffeine to heroine, almost everyone uses drugs in one form or another. I am fascinated though, about how addiction to a substance can take over a person's mind and life. I am intrigued not only by the addiction but the techniques used to help addicts overcome their addiction.


  1. You know what I think about cigarettes being legal?? Well since we are born into a world in which they are legal and accessible to become addicted...OF COARSE PEOPLE ARE GOING TO SAY THEY HAVE THE CHOICE BECAUSE THEY WERE BORN WITH THE CHOICE. They are going to kill my family, and myself for inhaling their stupid second hand smoke. The choice should be removed and made illegal for the health of the future generations. (If they really need to tax money go ahead and replant the tobacco with some weed and make that legal. duh)

  2. WOW!! Poor Pam! It's even worse seeing stuff like that in really life. I do volunteer work in AC and the crack heads are ridiculous! They would seriously do ANYTHING to make money for another hit. It's so scary because a lot of them are homeless roaming the streets, the same streets that these little kids play on! SMH