Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Final Post

At this very moment I am demonstrating one of the lessons learned in this class...

Why am I writing this post? What is the INCENTIVE for me by writing this post? Well, my incentive behind writing this post is a grade for this course (if all goes as planned, that grade will be an A!)

Along with learning about incentives and what drives us to do the things we do, I also learned about how motivation affects everyone's lives daily. This course covered topics such as addictions and addictive behaviors, arousal, personality traits, drives and the history behind it all.

I enjoyed a couple different parts of this course including the section on facial expressions. I felt that chapter 14 "Emotions as Motives" was pretty relavent to my life because this is something I deal with on a day to day basis and never even really thought about it! I work at a community based bank where we pride ourselves on customer service. Daily, I see the same people with whom I need to make small talk as part of my job. While they begin to tell me their life story or just want to vent, I have to pretend as if I am REALLY engaged in what they are saying even when I am not. This is where facial expressions really come into play. Just by using facial expressions it is so easy to convey your emotions. Facial expressions seems to be universal which is amazing if you really think about it. Lessons learned in this chapter I can carry with me throughout any job!

Below is a video I found that demonstrate 7 universal facial expressions!


  1. My incentive for this comment is the simple fact I am not sure I had made three yet on other people's blogs and want a good grade. Nice to know we all motivate in similar fashions.