Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Post 2: Looks or Personality

In Chapter 3 we learn about the evolutionary antecedents of motivation, i think the selecting a mate subject is very interesting. The women prefer mates who have good financial prospects and are ambitious and industrious. These traits are needed to raise a family successfully. For the men they prefer mates who have good looks, which is indicate of fertility. Fertility is a trait that is needed to produce many children.

We can all agree that men and women look for people that are physical atrractive to them but there is also more than just looks there is personality. I think we all have met someone that maybe was not a good looking person but their personality made them a very pleasant person that you could stay with them for hours and just talk about everything and who knows later you can become attractive to them not as friends but something else.

The movie she out of my league was very funny and i can related to my post where personality won you shoud definitely watch it.

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  1. Haha i like the fact that you used a experpt from this movie to demonstrate a time where personality won!