Wednesday, June 8, 2011


     The slide show expresses the following; “Temperament and personality are real, people differ in their temperament and personality, these differences determine what is motivating, especially in regards to incentive motivation.” Personality is described to be behavioral consistencies that result from the interaction between temperament and social experiences and personality traits are specific dimensions in behavioral consistency across time and relevant situations. We know that there are said to two type of personalities type A and type B. Type A which is described to be a more disciplined and realistic and type B is more laid back in general. Temperament does have a large affect on the person’s motivation someone who is too laid back is more or less likely to not be a go getter. And for someone who may be considered more high strong and organized may be more successful I life because therefore more inclined to go after what they want in life and are not so relaxed to let things slip by them.
     I am not sure whether or not I feel that motivation is governed by biological factors or in just the nature and experience. Me for example I am a type a personality, extremely organized, disciplined, and motivated. Yet no one in my house hold said I needed to be this way in fact both of my parents are high school drop outs, have decent jobs for their age, and are extremely laid back happy individuals. But assuming with just my own experiences and my own personality is where I found the motivation to do the things I have done. While there are kid who experience great pressure and expectation from their very successful parents and then they become in reversal, not so motivated to do anything. Of course we can argue that there may be different factor for such an example but basically what I am trying to insinuate is that motivation is governed by self and emotion and what you want and need to make you happy.
     As individuals we all cope with stress differently, react differently, have different things that make us tick, and have different things that give us ambition and motivation hence the fact that that is what makes us individuals. But considering motivation as something that is essential; it truly is a main factor for an individual and is something that molds and shape an individual to be a specific type of individual. Motivation… Motivation to want to cope and overcome, motivation to want to not stress and live happy and healthy, motivation to want handle situations accordingly and appropriately, motivation to want to be a go getting and take risk. Motivation to continue to have motivation.

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