Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Sensation Seeking

We live in a fast paced time and people are always looking for a new rush. It comes from the Optimum Arousal Theory" that states we all desire an amount of arousal between very low: couch potato, to very exciting: cliff diver. He also explains experience seeking as part of this theory because people can elicit that arousal sensation doing things not necessarily dangerous but unfamiliar. For example, visiting a foreign city on a whim without directions. The second part in this theory is dis inhibition. These are the types of people that are very free spirited that usually fall into this category of sensation seeking.


Want to find out how you rate?
The Roads and Traffic Authority have begun to utilize this "Sensation Seeking Scale" from the Zuckerman-Kuhlman Personality Questionnaire. His test will help you determine the level of your sensation seeking disposition. This is based on the test developed by Prof. Marvin Zuckerman from the University of Delaware.

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  1. I actually took the test from the link you posted, I think it is pretty interesting that someone came up with such a scale. I scored a 53% and through what the results say of this test, I scored average. Thanks for sharing this!!

    0 - 27% = Very Low
    28 - 41% = Low
    42 - 70% = Average
    71 - 84% = High
    85 - 100 = Very High