Sunday, June 5, 2011

Post2 - Sensation Seeking !

There are people out there who seek intense, dangerous activities. People like this, have some major balls. Mostly, people who seek this type of rush, are people who are willing to die to get this type of rush. In this video, , is one way people can feel that rush. If I knew how to do that, I would love to myself. But again, I probably wouldn't because of a simple word, death. I do not have the balls to get to that close of a mountain, ground, or any type of structure while sky diving. People who do this type of sky diving, are willing to die because in their mind, its worth the risk.

There are other ways for people to get what they are seeking. From the TV show "Man vs Wild", Bear Grylls loves trying to survive in the wild. I love this show because of the stuff he eats. He is just a wild guy. As soon as in this clip , Bear Grylls shows the audience that you have to eat anything that you come across to survive. His experience helps him survive in harsh environments and shows how to do it. Even though its a TV show, Bear Grylls seeks for a tough challenge. Not many people, well, alot of people can do the stunts he does. Even though it may not risk his life all the time, he fulfills his sensation.

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