Thursday, June 9, 2011

Living with an Extravert

This explains everything about living with my 17year old son.  A happy go lucky kid, who will pace around the house looking for someone to hang out with if he is left alone for five minutes.  If there is a moment of quietness, his moaning of I am bored begins, but that lasts only for a few seconds until he gets on his phone to find someone to hang out with. He will always bring someone home  for dinner. The time he spends alone is when he is sleeping.   His sport endeavors have all been based on socializing, if there is not a social connection in his sporting endeavor he will loose interest.  He was a successful swimmer for years, and his favorite events were the relays where there was a team effort.  He stopped swimming when the coach wanted him to be serious, and not to see it as a social event. The only reason he swam was to socialize.  As an extrovert he likes being on the pitching mound under the pressure to compete, but don't ask him to stand in front of a classroom to give a presentation, he tells me that he gets nervous.  I don't understand, I think I would be more nervous on the pitching mound.  An extrovert is a very entertaining person to live with, but there are some days I wish that he would just find a good book and chill out, but if that happened, I probably would be asking him if he was feeling alright.

 A silly video to show the differences between introvert vs. extrovert
Introvert vs. Extrovert


  1. I was this way also for much of my adolescence. My mom was the epitome of an introvert, she loved to be home and in her house cleaning and relaxing, not bothered by other people. Having this, I never had a play date as a child with friends from school, only my cousins and such.I would even go and play with the babies in my neighborhood just for something to do! Once I did have a "play date" when I was 12 years old, I couldn't get enough. I would have friends over all the time and go to friends houses. Sleepovers happened every weekend and everything. I was always going to a friends house or having people over having to do something all the time!Not much has changed either, I'm a very outgoing person and love to go out and meet people. My friends joke that I am the only girl they know who will go to a bar and meet girls and become friends with them! I like to be on the go!

  2. My mom is exactly like your son. She never stays home, always going to dinners or get-togethers at her friends' houses. I don't live at home anymore but when I did I barely saw her. I was also this way as a kid, I never wanted to be home, I always wanted to be with my friends doing something. But as I grew up that all changed, just not for my mom.

  3. I have a friend who is exactly the same way. She can't sit home for more than five minutes without making plans. If she is at some kind of event that she thinks is boring, she gets so antsy and starts making plans to go somewhere better. I don't think she has ever had a day where she just stayed home and relaxed. It gets pretty exhausting when she drags me from place to place with her but she does keep me busy.