Saturday, July 10, 2010

Using Incentives to Motive Yourself

Herbalife: Creative Weight Loss Motivation
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Chapter 11 discusses goal motivation and incentives. In the test they use clean clothes as an incentive for washing your dirty laundry and an A in a class as an incentive for studying for an exam. I came across this video and I thought it was an interesting and effective way to motivate yourself. This man is using his beard, which he said he really doesn't like, as an incentive to get him to lose weight. To me this is a really good incentive to use because, like he said, the beard annoys him and he has to look at it and feel it on his face every day so he's more likely to achieve his goal than if his incentive was just to be healthier or skinnier.


  1. What an interesting approach to weight loss. Not only is the beard an incentive because it is uncomfortable and ugly to look at, but also because it acts as a constant reminder of his goal. This appraoch also removes some of the emotional aspects of dieting, which can often sabotage successful weight loss.

  2. I think this guy is onto something. What he's saying makes a lot of sense. What motivates one person doesn't motivate another. Each person taking a personal approach to their end goal seems to me that they would more likely reach their goal. This guy makes me wish I had a beard to use as a motivator. Sounds different.

  3. This video is interesting because it depicts a very different form of incentive for motivation. I think this type of motivation could be very affective for certain, but not all, people because like the guy in the video said, what motivates one person doesnt motivate another. In order for goal or motivation approach to be affective, it must be done with a personal approach.