Saturday, July 10, 2010

Support System as Motivation

In most aspects of life, people need to be pushed in order to pursue their dreams and experience true happiness. Personally, I feel that my family serves as my ultimate support system and thus are my motivation to succeed in life. In regards to my personal relationships, my family has shaped me into a rather affectionate and accepting person, which in turn allows me be open to other people and thus, having successful relationships. When I experience any sort of doubts in this area of my life, my family reassures me that I have it together, reminding me what a good head I have on my shoulders. I receive such positive feedback from my family, which pushes me to want to enjoy just about every aspect of life, in a carefree, but at the same time, responsible way. In regards to school and pursuing my dreams, my family has always supported my decisions, whether it was switching my major or future plans over and over. They also give me such positive feedback when I do well in school, that it truly pushes me to succeed, and I continue to do well, receiving A's and B's throughout all of college.


  1. That is wonderful. Not everyone has that.

  2. I grew up with a very abusive family that constantly puts me down. To this day, I barely have a support system. I have persevered despite that fact but, it is greatly due to a lack of support system that I have struggled so much in my life. If you have a true support system don't ever take it for granted.