Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Campus life: brains or "the smart Pill"

In college, we can all agree that it takes a lot of motivation, energy, time, and a certain drive to attain the grades, hand in the work, pay attention research and gather the material. College life brings in many obstacles and change than what was needed to be done at the high school level...introducing freedom for many, parties, drugs, frats, late night wawa runs (lol) and so on. I found myself second-semester sophomore with a 5 course workload, a part time job and an internship at a half-way house, the stress and emotional roller-coaster i was on had me close to depression...i could have very much been depressed at the time but the stressors took me to a place of no return i was close to giving up i was already backed up with school work about to be fire from my job and even missing hrs at my intern I would put off the work at times because of parties, wanting to just chill thinking i can do the work later or i would get to it sooner or later but the more that happened the less drive i had to do something about it. My roommate use to talk about this pill - adderall it would have her focus and do her work, she was motivated by the pill to get her work done, it was not an internal need...later on my two close friends began talking about this pill my girl would say that she popped one last night had her up studying and did all her work. Temptation took the best of me and i took the pill. When i took the pill it made it feel emotionless like a robot meant to just do work - made me think of those movies like 1984 or the matrix where everyone is controlled and all driven the same way by a certain substance...back to my experience...i stayed up all night did work for three of my classes and studied for a final I found it to be crazy how this pill took over my laziness and had me do work i never tried the pill after that time I guess I was afraid to like it, i manage to organize my work and ended up doing the work on my own...I found this video to be very interesting in our topic of drugs and the drive and motivation it can give and take away from someone...hope u enjoy it and would love sum feedback

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  1. It is insane how common these pills are. The first issue is that doctors perscribe them too readily, the kids who get them (and may actually need them) dish them out/sell them regulary, and students without ADHD come to depend on a pill to help their academic career. An acquantaince of mine actually has a perscription, it is beyond me whether she needs them or not, but she takes them so she can drink longer when partying and when she doesn't take them she says she is so depressed she often feels suicidal. Anyway, I'm glad to hear you are not dependent on them. And btw that is an insane workload...i give you credit.