Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Principle Motivation

I never understood how a personality determine motivation. To me you were ether a motivated person or not. Now I see that every choice we make involves some type of motivation in that direction. Trait- Environment interaction means: that how a person acts to the environment depends on the amount of a particular trait she/ he possesses. Here are examples from my life based on dimensions from the the Five-factor models. If we took conscientiousness into account, most of my friends would last because they know how unorganized I am. When people ask me to do something or take care of a situation, they must constantly remind me. I am not a very dependable person. For the dimension neuroticism, when there is a situation that comes to stress others out, I remain claim and almost unaffected. These two traits alone trend to make people think I do not care, but it is not true, I do care it just dose not effect me in the same manner as other.
My personality has motivated me to have a small group of friends, I would reather stay in the house instead of going to out to gatherings with people I do not know. If I may change one part of my personality it would have to be increase my level of conscientiousness, only because these poeple tend to be more successful and more healthy. This is the only trait I would improve. I am content with the rest of my personal motivation.

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