Monday, July 12, 2010

Final Project

I've got to say that taking this class was a bit hard. I say that because this class is called "Motivation" and every time I want to enjoy my day off it is hard to be motivated to hop on my computer when I could be at the beach or enjoying my summer. (Not being cooped up in my house on a nice sunny day.)

Ever since I can remember I've been a procrastinator, as you can see nothing has changed. (Last minute posting) I was hoping this class could help me with that issue. I can't say that it has turned my life around, but it has given me a better understanding of things. I know I say this every semester, but hopefully beginning in the fall I can plan things out much better. The funny thing is, that I occasionally make "To Do Lists" but I just don't always follow through with them. I have even broken it down to day by day, but it's not that often that I make these; only when I have way too many things happening at once and loose track. My goal from now on is to get started on an assignment early into the semester and them finish it half way or well before it is due. What I do is I put everything off until the end because it can be taken care of within a day or two. I figure if I start early that I will loose my train of thought or have anxiety each day I work on it compared to my day or two. My major problem with my last minute assignments is that my papers are half-assed, meaning I could be getting a higher grade than what is on that paper if I were to try a little harder.

My favorite chapter, like everyone else was Addictions and Addictive Behaviors. It really gives me a good idea of why these drugs are addictive. I don't know much about drugs, but I wasn't aware that most of them gave you short sense of a high. (Here I thought it was hours or days. Shows you how much I know.) Why would you risk so much just for a few GREAT minutes? I think someone mentioned in a post or comment, which I agree with, that the truth should really be shown to children about drugs. They just hear a few bad things from the teacher and are maybe shown a movie or two how in the end everything works out, but nothing compares to some of these video clips shown here. Children and adults need to see these types of videos, no matter how graphic they may be, it is the truth. I'm pretty sure scaring kids will get them to take these kinds of things vary serious.

My favorite part of this course was the discussion board. All of these videos were very helpful. I also like how the lecture slides had some video clips in them as well. They catch my attention much better than a book with size 10 font. I'm glad that this class is a little bit of both though. Not only were the videos and pictures nice, but I loved that some people opened up and shared some personal stories. For most people opening up in a classroom full of students is hard, so thanks everyone for sharing.

Remember this comercial? There needs to be more comercials on tv about drugs!


  1. My favorite part of the class was also the chapter on addictions. I also found it to be the most important chapter because I believe that everyone needs to know about their addictions, what causes them, and how to control them. I liked the first video posted in this blog and also believe its something that everyone should see.