Monday, July 5, 2010


"Rudy" is one of the greatest sports stories ever told. In this clip we see Rudy's self esteem at near nonexisting levels. He worked his butt off to get into Notre Dame and fought on and off the field to eligible and earn a spot on the team. Yet he over looks these amazing accomplishments of getting into one of the top schools in the country and walking away from there with a degree! He beats himself up over letting "everyone" down because to him showing what he's accomplished means nothing if he doesn't receive any playing time. "Self-esteem is a case of I evaluating me"; and in this case Rudy is basing his success on what he needs to prove to everyone else, but in the end he realizes that the only thing he needed to prove something to was himself.


  1. The real Rudy (the man the movie is based on) visited my high school once. He pointed out that even though he felt like he had everything going against him, none of that mattered as long as he could accomplish his goals. He did it for himself, and no one else, even after having his self-esteem torn down time and time again. Inspirational words!