Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Stress (post #2)

I found this video while browsing youtube and found it to be funny and enjoyable. Stress can come from many things in our daily lives such as work, school, relationships, finanaces, and life obstacles. Stress can carry physical symptoms like illnesses, psychological symptoms such as depression and anxiety, and behavioral symptoms liike drug use and poor diet. As life demands increase people become stressed out. To avoid the negative symptoms that come along with stressful events people must find ways to cope with the problems and things that are bothering them. It seems that everyone has a personal way to deal with stress. Some people exercise, some meditate, others listen to music, and the guy in this video plays music. People have been researching how to relieve stress for years and have come up with many different ideas. As for me I usually think about being on a deserted island and let myself drift away from life for a little while.

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