Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Universal Motives

As human beings, we share a common ancestry. As such, we also share common motives. These universal motives are defined as physical and social needs that are shared by societies throughout the world. As different as we can be as a result of our individual histories (nurture), our common motives, obtained through evolution (nature), tie us together as a species. We have fairly universal feelings regarding art, hygiene, music, and standards of beauty. We fear loud noises, dangerous animals, and hazardous situations. We feel anger, contempt, happiness, and sadness. We share many motivational factors, such as the desire for success, to care for our own, to have shelter and food, to plan for the future, sexual attraction, and jealousy. These traits, as the video below explains, are passed down from generation to generation through our DNA, and set the overall basis for which we live.