Sunday, July 11, 2010

Final Post - Goals

"It takes a little courage, and a little self-control. And some grim determination, If you want to reach the goal. It takes a deal of striving, and a firm and stern-set chin. No matter what the battle, If you really want to win. There's no easy path to glory, There's no road to fame. Life, however we may view it, Is no simple parlor game; But it's prizes call for fighting, For endurance and for grit; For a rugged disposition and don't know when to quit." -- Anonymous

Everyday I write down a list of goals I want to achieve for the week. Throughout the week I cross off the the ones I achieved and feel so good about myself. There is nothing better than setting goals and reaching them, even if they are same ones. In the book it says being bored may be because one is simply not setting goals in their life. By setting goals, it makes a person become motivated and have drive in what they want to achieve. There are different levels at what people set for themselves. Goals range in difficulty levels, of course the harder they are the harder they are to fulfill. Goal specificity is when the goal is referred to how precise the goal is in contrast to how vague or unspecific it is. Three stages the goal could be is it vague, moderately specific or very specific. Make sure the goals you set in your life satisfy YOUR needs and helps you become the person you want to be. If you have enough desire to excel to your goal the easier it is to become successful.


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  1. It is important to set goals for yourself. It is also very satisfying to reach your goals. Also, once you set a goal and reach it, the satisfaction that you get can serve as motivation to set and reach more goals in the future.