Tuesday, July 6, 2010

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Abraham Maslow made a pyramid of a persons's hierarchy of needs. It starts from the bottom up, first it starts from comfortable with having food water, ect. The it moves from feeling comfortable to feeling safe with having security. Next is feeling like you belong and are loved. Then you reach self-esteem and you are known as a person in society. The finally stage in Maslow pyramid is self-actualization, you feel like you are living up to your high standards in life. Self-actualization is when you feel as you are succeeding in life and are happy with yourself. It is harder for some people to reach esteem and self-actualization. If everyone could reach the top of Maslow's pyramid of hierarchy of needs I think our world would have less violence and issues. What are some ways we can get people to reach the top if they are stuck in the middle?

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