Sunday, July 11, 2010

Final Project Motivation: Biological, Psychological, and Environmental
Maslows Theory of Needs
General Overview:
I was very surprised just how involved motivation is in one’s life it’s not just a word or a feeling. I learning that there are many different approaches to motivation and how they account for what motivations we use in our everyday behavior and how they might affect our behavior. For example, Instinct people and animals are born with preprogrammed sets of behaviors essential to their survival. Drive reduction when some basic biological requirement is lacking, a drive is produced. Arousal people seek an optimal level of stimulation. If the level of stimulation is too high, they act to reduce it, if it is too low, they act to increase it. Incentive external stimuli direct and energize behavior. Cognitive Thoughts, expectations and understanding of the world direct, motivation. Hierarchies of needs from a hierarchy before higher order needs are met. Lower order needs must be fulfilled.
This is a great class to take, it will change the way you think about motivation, emotion, drive,needs and goals and why we should have them.

Favorite Part:
My favorite part was on Maslow’s Theory of needs in chapter 8. Maslow’s places motivational needs in a hierarchy pyramid that suggests that a person cannot achieve his or her goals in life until they meet or satisfy certain primary needs like water, food, sleep, sex. A person must first meet these basic physiological/biological needs before they can get to the next level or the top level that is social needs. Ex: if a person is hungry, they first interest will be to obtain food and water and reduce their thirst and hunger; they will not be concerned with needs such as love or self-actualization. Its true if a person doesnt have their basic needs met they will have a harder time when they older dealing with alot of issues EX: They will not last in a real relationship, they will always feel like something is missing.I can relate to chapter 8. I was a very very poor child growing up in the projects in Jersey City, we real had anything, and a lot of time basic needs were not meet for weeks at a time. So I can relate to Maslow’s human basic needs and if there not met you might have a harder time dealing with issues as you grow up.

Current issue we are all so involved in work and what’s going on in our own lives that we forget that others in our family are missing hierarchy of human needs, the absence of motivation, and the importance of belonging. So they might turn to other things or the wrong people to get what they are missing.

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