Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Addiction to drugs has been something that is over powering our nation as a whole. Drug addiction has increased tremendously during the 21st century, to the point we all know or have encountered someone with a drug addiction problem in our life. Growing up I had trouble understanding why people are addicted to drugs. I couldn't grasp the concept of something having an uncontrollable hold on your life.

Psychoactive drugs are the most commonly used drugs. Drugs like cocaine, cannabis, opiates, caffeine, and nicotine are all considered psychoactive drug, which are all chemical substance that alter your mood and behavior. Addiction is a deep craving that someone feels when in seek for a particular drug. Some people have more of an addictive personalities then others, Some of it has to do with people being genetically related to a drug which influences them to be more vulnerable and have less tolerance. Their impulsiveness also plays a major role on their addictive behavior, some people have heightened sensitivity towards drugs and low awareness of negative drug concept.

I recently had the pleasure of talking with someone who was addicted and has been through rehab. He explained to me how that moment of his life was one of the toughest roughest situation in his life. He would waist all of his money on drugs to the point that he couldn't afford to pay his bills. The only thing on his mind after a hit of cocaine or heroin was what measures did he have to take in order to get his next hit. He began selling his furniture in his home in order to keep up with his drug habits. He explained to me how the drug controlled him, he didn't control the drug. He has now been clean for over 5 years and is very content with the life he is living.


  1. Its crazy the power that drugs have. I couldn't image being addicted to something to the point of where it controls your life, where you aren't able to do daily tasks/ functions with out going through withdraw.I give people credit who are able to overcome those demons and get clean.

  2. I actually lost a friend because he is addicted to drugs and his entire life went down hill, I tried to help him out and told him he needed to get help, but I learned the hard way people with a drug addiction don't think that they have a problem. I couldn't take it any more so I stop communicating with him just because he was ruining his life and I didn't want it to ruin mine.

    It sucks that he wouldn't listen to me and get help with his addiction, I really wish he would have.

  3. Addiction is a really powerful and extremely sad thing. The way it takes over a person's life is unbelievable. Working with addicts is actually an interest of mine in career goals. I've had a handful of family members/friends who have been addicted to some sort of drug and sadly about three quarters of them have passed away. Relapse rate is really high and death is common... but to see someone get clean and actually start living again is a beautiful thing.