Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Stress Relievers

Chapter 9 deals with stress, coping, and health, being a high stress person I found this chapter extremely interesting. There are many of ways that I have been learning to deal with my stress levels. One is yoga and exercising. They seem to take away all the problems of the day. Because of the concentration put on breathing and your positions you are forgetting about all the other things going through your mind. My freshman year of college I attended Ithaca College, I remember a club that was called laughter yoga. I looked up a video of this on you-tube and came up with a list of videos. The one I found most helpful was corporate stress and laughter yoga. Corporations found that by forcing their employees to take a break from their day and participate in laughter yoga that they were more likely to be become productive and stress free for the rest of the day.


  1. I've seen this guy on tv before and I was quite skeptical but it seems that laughter does relieve stress so if something as unique as this works, then that's great.

  2. If you are into this kind of thing there is a GNM class called Health and Healing and it deals with yoga and all different kinds of stress relievers. I'm not really into it but I took the class and it was pretty informative.