Friday, July 9, 2010

Livin' In A Van Down By The River

Neuroticism is described as a personality trait that ranges from non-emotional (calm) to very emotional (anxious, quickly roused). People who are highly neurotic are much easier to be put in a bad mood, and they experience more negative moods in more aspects of their life than most people. They are also more likely to drink or engage in risky behaviors to cope with their negative feelings. Their negative mood becomes a motivational factor for their destructive behavior, whether it's to quell their feelings or enforce them. For example, obsessive-compulsive people struggle to bring order and stabilization to everything, as to eliminate any unexpected stressors from appearing.

While it's quite obviously for comedic purposes, the character in the below video (one of my favorite SNL skits) is a prime example of a neuroticism. Incidentally, he's also a motivational speaker.