Saturday, July 10, 2010

The motivation to finish is school and continue in there carer is a drive that does not exist in everyone. Most people who have the drive are either inspired by their parents who have lived the life and went through these different stages of life that has allowed them to prosper in there carer. Others have had a hard life growing live and has experienced poverty and the struggles of the real world without an education. The motivation to finish school is not easy many people have tried and not have finished. The ratio to freshmen entering college and seniors finishing college is almost at 50%. However college is not for everyone many other people get motivated and stimulated to go about a carer that does not involve college such as owning their own business becoming a musician or networking of some sort. Either way you must have the drive and the determination in order to accomplish your goals in life. Setting goals and achieving goals is a task that people deal with everyday, However procrastination interferes with people daily lives. People get very comfortable with procrastination and put off their goals, finishing school, and wake up when their 50 and ask themselves where did life go?

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  1. I know a couple of people who have started college and never finished because they were not motivated to do so. I agree that college isn't for everyone if you can find a profession that doesn't require a college degree and be successful than that's great. It is all really about the goals you set for yourself and what you are willing to put in to those goals to achieve them.