Monday, July 12, 2010

Final Post

This class was a class I needed in order to graduate, and when I read what it was about it really seemed interesting. I really enjoyed reading the chapters in this class. The book broke down the chapters with the recaps, which really summed up the entire section that you just read. I learned how each person is motivated by different incentives and how motivation works in order to succeed in life. Another interesting thing that I learned was how failure leads to success, we all fail at something in life, but it takes that failure to push through it and get to the goal you have been working for.

I also learned how people become addicted to drugs and how the brain and the body wants the drug more than the person wanting to get high off of the drug, which is really interesting. Before reading chapter 4 I though that people were addicted to the drug, alcohol or cigarettes because they loved the way it made them feel, but that isn't the case, it's the brain wanting the drug and needing the drug for the euphoria which in the brain can increase sense of energy, such as cocaine. It is just so interesting to know that it's more the brain wanting the drug than the person just wanting to get high again.

My favorite part has to be chapter 4 about Addictions and Addictive Behaviors becau
se it goes into detail of how and why people get addicted to drugs, alcohol and cigarettes before I had no real idea of why people kept doing the drug and after watching videos of people being addicted after reading this chapter I can understand better that it's the brain that needs the drug to feel the euphoric that is in the brain to get the feeling the person got the first time they started the drug. The more they do the drug, the more of the drug they need in order to get high. I always thought that the drug was just to get high, I knew the brain was affected, but I didn't know it controlled the addiction.

Everyone has there own motivations in life, back in October of 2009 my motivation was to lose weight and start working out. I was overweight and just wanted to slim down and start to look and feel better about myself, have more confidence about the way I look. I got my friend to help me work out and before I started to work out I took a before picture of myself to see my improvement over the months to see the results better than just looking in the mirror every day and wondering if I was improving. It didn't take long before I started to notice some improvement, but it wasn't the results I wanted so I hired a personal trainer and with the personal trainer I was giving a diet plan. I was able to go from 215lbs to 200lbs in one month, and now I'm 195lbs and still going to my goal which is 185lbs. It takes a lot of hard work and a lot of discipline to get to the gym and eat healthy. Below are pictures of myself, from October of 2009 to the most recent one I took today just to show you the motivation and goal incentives I had into loosing weight.

I am using this class well beyond the class, my goal when I graduate is to get a job in some type of law position, my main goals are either the US Marshals, the FBI, or the NCIS, in order to get into these type of law enforcement you need to be in tip top shape, and my main goal is to get into one of them and it be my career. I have to be able to have 5.3% body fat for the US Marshals and run a mile and a half in 8-10 minutes. I started training myself now for the long term goal in order to be able to achieve my dream job as working for one of these type of law enforcement positions. It's a long term goal, but the incentive of my dreams becoming reality is worth working on and doing what I need to do in order to make it happen.

October 2009 July 2010

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  1. I commend you for being able to lose all that wieght, I know it takes alot of hard work and determination to be able to do it. Great JOB!