Sunday, July 11, 2010

Downfalls as Motivators

Many times in a persons life success is not just handed to them on a golden spoon. Some people come from bad experiences as to where there is little to no hope for them to make it out. There is the small portion of people to make it out and become something of themselves. I was a volunteer at Southern Residential Correctional Facility and these young boys were celebrating to have reached the age of 16 alive. They praise the age of 16 because of the rough neighborhoods that they were raised in and the possibilities of making it past a certain age. The boys ages ranged from 15-18 with rap sheets of car theft all the way to possession of firearm so i was dealing with some boys who would harm anyone at any time if they felt like it. These boys even had kids on the way or already had one. They didn't have any legal sort of income they were living life on the edge. The correctional facility was a window out for them. They were provided with schooling at which some read on a third grade level. Many of they boys use the time to become a better person at which some go back out and end up back in jail. A couple of the boys once released enrolled themselves into Job Corp and are living a straight life out of trouble. Sometimes it takes someone to be in a bad predicament to want to motivate themselves to be better people.

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