Saturday, July 10, 2010

Post #3

ist2_2795338_shopaholic.jpgChapter 10 talks about factors that affect incentive value, like how when you are shopping you are more likely to buy something that says “Up to 50% Off Sale” on it than regular price. This signs and clearances motivate people to buy. One feature of this is called incentive amount, which is the number of incentives. Another is rate of reinforcement, when you are shopping it is so hard to resist the sale signs. I know when I shop when I see those sale signs it motivates me to look around more and see if I can get more for my money. Also if I am at a store and I save money, I love to know how much I saved. If I am at CVS and get my receipt I always check to see how much I saved on my items.


  1. My uncle is the worst when it comes to being suckered in buy "sales". Around Christmas time my whole family was out shopping and my uncle and myself went to go get a pretzel and there was a deal where if you bought 4 you got the 5th one free. Needless to say my uncle almost got sucked in. Even though there was like 15 of us shopping only him and I wanted a preztle, so buying 5 would have been a complete waste but in his mind it was a great deal. But I can't say much sometimes I get tricked into thinking I got a great deal when the thing that I bought was already so outrageously priced to begin with, that it on sale was still pretty expensive. Guess "sales" can get the best of all of us sometimes.

  2. I really feel like when things are on sale people tend to buy more then they intended to buy. My mom loves sales and she always goes shopping when she sees a sale in a magazine or on television. Sales are definately hard to resist alot of people buy things they don't even need just because they are on sale. I've guilty of falling into the sales trap sometimes.