Friday, July 9, 2010

Mate Poaching

While doing going over the lecture I found it very interesting when I came across this particular subject of "mate poaching". Although I do see this type of behavior happening everyday in society I have always wondered why people did these sorts of things. It makes perfect sense in my mind to just leave someone alone if you can see that they are in a happy relationship. Temptation is a very hard thing to deal with any human so it is best for us to just stay away from it. Going after someone else's mate is just wrong and I would of never thought that it could really have something to do with motivational psychology. What actually causes someone to be motivated to take someone's partner. This is even ten times worst when the person is married. I can really appreciate the research on this subject.


  1. I agree with this post. Its really wrong to go after a guy or girl who's in a relationship. I don't see why girls or guys do that either. I see it all the time too, but I agree its just wrong. Great post.

  2. -My now ex-friend who had a long history of cheating as well as a low self-esteem a couple of years ago began displaying permiscuous behavior right in front of me towards my husband.
    -I'm currently going through a divorce and therfore, obviously feel rejected and abandoned which is a threat to my self-esteem. I have never cheated and am disgusted by people who participate in mate poaching. Despite my own long-standing conviction on the matter, last semester I found myself grossly flirting with what I knew to be a married man in my class. I did not and would not go beyond that point. However, I was shocked and disgusted at myself and within a week cut off contact with that man. It was a reality check for me. I realized that I had no true intent of participating in any affair with this man but that I simply wanted the attention/affirmation/validation. I realized that I need to validate myself instead of depending on a man to do so. I feel guilty but I will never flirt with a married man again.
    - Therefore, I conclude/concur with the video that the reason why females may opt for an attached male is due to low self-esteem. This way if the man does reject them she can rationalize that she is not really being rejected but that he is staying with his current woman/wife out of obligation/familiarity/comfort. I would not doubt that the women who base their self-esteem on their appearance are more prone to mate-poach. I could see why there might be a large portion of the female population in this country who do base their self-esteem on their appearance because of our capitalistic society that bombards females with messages of appearance standards that are narrow, unrealistic, perfectionistic and superficial.